State Tournament of Minds

in Co-Curriculum

On Sunday the ninth of September, six teams of Girton students traveled to La Trobe University Bundoora to compete in the Victorian State Finals for Tournament Of Minds.

This was a great day of creativity, problem solving and last minute sticky taping. The students were placed in a room for three hours whilst they worked on the solution to a complex problem. These problems ranged from global and emotional issues to biological and scientific reports or creating mini musicals.

The students all worked hard on solving their problems before a short lunch break then performing their solution to a panel of judges in the form of a ten minute skit. These skits incorporated comedy, acting, drama and even some songs.

The teams also completed a spontaneous challenge where a question was read to them and they had four minutes to formulate a solution to the problem and a minute to present their ideas to the judges.

Our Girton teams did extremely well and were lucky enough to gain first place in three of the eight categories, as well as receiving two honours certificates. The Senior Social Sciences, Senior STEM and Junior STEM teams will now travel to Darwin on the 11th to the 14th October to compete at the International Finals. This is an incredible honour and we wish each team all the best for the competition.

Thank you to Mrs Bath, Mrs Maruff, Mrs Williams, Mr Ruddick and Alex Nielsen (12M 2017) who helped make the State Finals possible, It would not have happened without your enthusiasm and support.


Alexi Ginis (11R)
Captain Of TOM 2018