Student Exchange Goes Virtual

in Junior School News

Year 6 students at Girton Grammar School have been enjoying Japanese language classes with students from a Japanese Primary School via video conferencing, paving the way for the student exchange program that the school has had with Gojo Senior High School for more than 25 years.

On Friday 16th February the Year 6H Japanese class had the opportunity to Skype a Year 5/6 class from Nagara Primary School in Nara, Japan. Nagara is a feeder school to Girton Grammar’s sister school in Japan, Gojo Senior High School.

Students from Girton introduced Girton Grammar and Bendigo to the students in Japanese and then the Nagara Primary School students told us all about their school in English. Our students were impressed that the Japanese students had taken photos of their school to show us.

Girton students then introduced themselves one by one in Japanese and the students in Japan did the same in English. The session finished with a Q and A style session on topics such as the weather, Japanese cartoon characters, popular sports, food, school subjects and if students in Japan took the bullet train to school. (The answer to this was a resounding “No!” from the Japanese students!) The Japanese students had even taken photos of the snow outside their classroom to explain the weather in Japan at the moment.

When asked about the experience, the response from students was very positive.

“It was fun because we got to meet people from other countries.” Billy Black

“I thought it was kind of exciting because I never met anyone from another continent before.” Patrick Diss

“I thought it was fun and sometimes hard to understand the students. I have never Skyped overseas before. It was a great experience.” Jenna Ackland

“I liked it a lot.” Darcy Thomas

Another Skype session is already being organised for later in Term 1. It is hoped that all Year 6 students will have the chance to communicate at least once with Nagara Primary School during this year.


Mrs E Blanks

Teacher of LOTE Japanese