Junior School: Student Pick Up

in Junior School News

I write quite regularly regarding the safety of our students at school drop off and pick up times. Of particular concern is the MacKenzie St gate area. Over the years we have worked with the Bendigo City Council to modify the parking allocations to try and improve traffic flow and to ensure the safety of our students. Last year, at our request, the council came out and reviewed our processes in the afternoon to provide advice for possible improvement. In short, without the ability to move the school boundary and put in another lane, the council felt we were doing everything we could to maximise efficiency. They did note that there are still a number of visitors to the school who do not comply with the parking requirements which increases the congestion and, consequently, the frustration of other road users. Since then the council have visited regularly and are issuing infringement notices when they see cars parking illegally. Their practice is to observe, take photos and issue notices through the mail. Recently I have had several parents come in to complain that they have received infringement notices for parking on the corner of MacKenzie and Vine in the area marked with yellow lines. This is a no parking zone and the council will continue to issue infringement notices to drivers who park in this area. I have encouraged the council to increase their presence at drop off and pick up times and to issue infringements where required. I understand from personal experience the frustration of receiving an infringement notice. I also understand and accept the frustration of those parents who cannot pull in to drop off their children because others have parked in the no parking bays.

A reminder also that any Junior School students not collected by 3.45 pm will be taken down to After School Care and can be collected from there. If you do find that you are unavoidably detained please contact Junior School Reception on 0354403050 and we will escort your child to After School Care. This is particularly important for our younger students who can become quite upset if they are left at the gate for longer than usual.

Mr Donald Thompson
Head of Junior School