Students, staff, parents all pitch in

in Senior School News

Thirty staff this week got together for a sandwich-making session to support the work of “Eat Up”, an Australian not-for-profit organisation providing ready-made, healthy and wholesome lunches to disadvantaged school children.

Sandwiches are delivered to local Bendigo schools, along with muesli bars and fruit cups, which are stored in school freezers for children who come to school without lunch. More information about Eat Up can be found here:

Last year, Girton Senior School students made over 3,000 sandwiches for local Bendigo schools.  This year, with the collective effort of students, staff and parents, the school community aims to more than triple this number and make 10,000 sandwiches.

So far, nearly 5,000 sandwiches have been prepared at the school this year.

Bendigo Party Hire has generously donated the use of a cool room so the sandwiches can be kept fresh overnight at Girton until delivery the next morning.

The school is seeking parent volunteers to help deliver the sandwiches and interested parents should email