Surviving Sunnystones Year Three Camp

in Junior School News

Have you ever been to the best camp in the world? Well we have, and we have captured the experience for you.

On the first day of camp we hiked through the bushes all the way ……. TO CAMP!! It was a 2 hour hike through the Long Forest (named that for a good reason) but finally we arrived. When we got there the first thing we did was hut building. The huts were all meant to be water proof but SPLASHHHHH!! We all got covered in water. Thanks to the teachers.

The next day we did geocaching, archery, dream weaver ropes, rock climbing and low ropes. These activities were lots of fun and most people survived. That night we did the annual Sunny Stones Olympics. Team 6 came first.

On our final day we played the survival game. For lunch we had a delicious barbeque and icy poles. The last thing we did before we left was take a big Year Three photo. Then we went back at school. It was an amazing camp.

by Nikki Cheema 3D and Shanali Wickramasinghe 3D