NEW STYLE PINAFORES AND SKIRTS (advice about fitting)
  1. When purchasing skirts and pinafores at Bolton’s, parents are advised to ensure there is adequate room for growth through the hip area.  The waistband is adjustable, but the hip width is not.
  2. The skirts and pinafores are designed to be adjusted at the waist.  There is a piece of elastic fed through a channel at the back of the waistband. It has button holes at either end, and there are 1 or 2 buttons (depending on the size of the garment), which can be moved in either direction if you need to gather the waistband in or let it out for a better fit around the waist.

As a result of parent feedback, the rule relating to which year level Junior School students may move from winter pinafore to winter skirt is relaxed.  Junior School students may change from pinafore to skirt whenever it is deemed practical for that child/family. Parents and students can make their own mind up about when it is appropriate to change from the pinafore to the skirt.