Victorian Aerobic Gymnastics State Championships

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Congratulations to the following students who competed at the Victorian Aerobic Gymnastics State Championships

Olivia Pitt (3 Jenkin) -State Champion Level 3 mini

Stephanie Carlson (3 Frew) – 2nd Level 3 mini

Olivia Pitt (3 Jenkin) and Stephanie Carlson (3 Frew) – State Champions Level 2 mini pair

Gabriella Pitt (6 Jenkin) – 2nd Level 4 junior Individual

Ana Karamaloudis (5 Riley) – 2nd Level 5 Individual and 2nd Level 5 pair

Ruby Conti (6 Millward) – State Champion International Age Group 1, State Champion International Age Group 1 Trio, State Champion Junior Aerodance.