World’s Greatest Shave

in Junior School News

On March the 16th 2018 ten students and one teacher did the World’s Greatest Shave. These people were Amelie Woodward, Chloe Peter, Hunter Boswell, Zain Muhammad, Hamish Hindson, Bailey Dolan, Claudia Stone, Nick Rowley, Oscar Polidano, Mark Henry and Mr Edward Higgs. Mrs Bath and the shavers worked hard all of term 1 to raise money for the Leukemia Foundation. The Leukemia Foundation is a charity that helps people that have blood cancer with free transport, a home near the hospital, emotional support and funds for research to help find a cure.  Girton Grammar Junior School raised $10,650. Well done to the shavers for shaving their hair off and raising such a high amount of money for the Leukemia Foundation.

By Chloe Peter (6 Jenkin) and Amelie Woodward (6 Jones)