Year 1 Sleepover

in Junior School News

Yay! It is the Year One camp!  I am going to have a great time!  We are going to the Beechworth Bakery.  At Beechworth Bakery I chose a cupcake with yellow icing.  I was sitting with Ben.  Ben had a gingerbread man.  At the Discovery Centre I went in the mirror maze.  I also watched people go down the vertical slide.  We ate pizza for dinner and for dessert we had icy poles.

Agnes Fennessy (1 Riley)


Yes! We are getting the tram.  Wow! Look at that the tram.  Yes, this snowman is very yummy. We are finally at the Discovery Centre.  This pizza is very yummy!

Benjamin Fowler (1 Millward)


Time to go to bed.  ZZZZZZZ.  Wow, it is morning time already.  It is time to wake up.  I was still sleeping, and Mrs Peter had to wake me up.  I had another play at the Discovery Centre, then I saw my Dad.  Camp was fun.  The pizza was so yum!

Archer Langley (1 Jones)


Yeah!  We went to the Discovery Centre and played.  I played on the frozen shadows!  It was scary. We watched a movie!

Shayla Tang (1 Frew)


Yum!  I had a lemon flavoured icy pole after dinner.  We went on a talking tram to North Bendigo and back to the Gold Mine.  We hopped on the bus and went to the Discovery Centre.  We set up our sleeping bags and had a little play in the Discovery Centre and it was fun.  I did not go on the vertical slide because it looked scary.

Lucas Yang (1 Aherne)


Large solar system
All the stars
Teaching us
All the planets
Really bright planets
I saw the asteroid belt

Rafay Jeddi (1 Millward)


Dangerous things
I liked all of it
Very quiet
Real life

Manha Afsheen (1 Jones)


Long and steep
I went down it
Do it again!

Grace Eng (1 Millward)


Bus driver
Up and down
Seatbelts on

Olivia Wang (1 Aherne)