Year 10 English Inspired by Dorothea MacKellar

in Senior School News

Year 10 English students recently experimented with poetry and writing their own take on Dorothea MacKellar’s poem, ‘My Country’.

With a very strict syllable and rhyming pattern, the students were challenged to create their own version. They had some fun playing with words and images. Below are some poem’s that the students came up with.


I love this bogan nation

I love this bogan nation,

Of emu and dingo.

The dog on the tucker box,

And the giant mango.

Arid landscapes of the centre,

Mountain Ash of Falls creek.

We can have snow or sunshine,

A new climate each week.


I love this bogan nation,

When the climates nasty.

It can be harder sometimes,

If she treats us badly.

But we are always repaid,

Be it for days or a year.

Rain eventually comes.

When it comes, Life is near.


I love this bogan nation,

To backstabs we are prone.

Had a new leader each year,

Since Apple’s first iPhone.

The shambles of politics,

Visible to us all.

Rudd, Gillard, Abbott, Turnbull,

When will the next one fall?

By James Brown (10F)


The Seasons in Australia

I love our dusty country,

Rolling planes of deep reds.

The shimmering touch of light

Through dainty beaming threads.

People at this time of year

Keep thinking snakes are sticks

Getting bit by vile vipers

When out on hiking trips.


I love our leaves in heaping piles

And paths that make their way

Towards the cooler weather

That is coming through may.

The falling of our crisp leaves

and raw dripping of cold

Golden autumn is now here

Leaves adorn our house-hold


Winter’s fast, warm foggy breath

Heater’s buzz and fiery start

Peeping trees on icy hills

The snowy winter art.

Skis dangle from feet above

As the season begins,

Students flock from all around

To stay in mountain inns.


Stormy nights of hail and wind

And pattering rain above,

Call booming rage of thunder

This is what we love.

Flowers, they bloom to and fro

In excitement bees buzz

We welcome this weather change

For yesterday winter it was!

By Ellen Anthony (10A)


Aussie Poem

The land that’s at the bottom

On all those maps and charts

Is really right on top when

It comes to stealing hearts

Country bound by rolling waves

That echo from the sea

A flat expanse of red dust

That licking gusts set free


I love our dusty country

The bush, the rocks, the heat

The scent when its been raining

That fresh pattering beat

I love our mountain ranges

The snow, the cold, the chill

Marshmallow white that cushions

Those rocks so firm and still


The sky an open canvas

Filled up with feathered flight

And song and squark of Magpies

In the early morning light

Our weird, wonderful wildlife

That cackles, croaks and soars

Gives this land an oddity

That makes me love it more

By Holly Notarangelo (10A)


Our Land Australia

The land of thongs and barbies,

With heat and sun and sky.

Come visit us down under,

And watch as time flies by.

The door is always open

We’re welcoming down ‘ere,

Pass the day the Aussie way

Sit down a grab a beer.


The land of deadly creatures,

With spiders, snakes and crocs.

God gifted us with danger

To liven up the stocks.

But boy we have some soft things,

Like Dingo or Bilby

Just don’t get too close there mate,

Or else you’ll spill the wee.


The land of crappy gov’ning,

Where primes are in ‘n’ out.

At least the Greens run the house,

Or is it Labour now?

But once we get a leader.

Our policies are great!

White ‘straya and Nauru too…

Oh wait. What’ve we done mate?


By Dominic Tune (10Je)