Year 10 Outdoor and Environmental Studies Camp: Wilsons Promontory

in Senior School News

The Year 10 Outdoor and Environmental Studies camp involved 30 students participating in a 4 day camping experience. We went to Wilson’s Promontory and participated in surfing and hiking activities. On the first day we arrived in windy weather but despite that we all took part in surfing at Waratah Bay; followed by another short bus trip to Tidal River where we would set up camp for the next 3 nights. That night some of us discovered some friendly wildlife, such as wombats, and wallabies, looking through some of our tents and bags. The next two days we were split into two groups and went off on our hiking way.

One group hiked a colossal 20km in the forever changing environments that we got to pass on the way to Sealer’s Cove including environments such as the humid and tropical rainforests, and the bare, parched and dry forest. We then emerged to see the magnificent and heart stopping beach, and knew we had reached Sealers Cove; too bad there weren’t any seals to be seen.

The other group started at Darby Saddle Track which provided us with a breathtaking coastal and forest scenery. The track then descended steeply through low heathlands to join up with the Darby River Track which continued onto Tongue Point where we were able to enjoy eating our lunch while exploring the hidden parts of the mystical coastal environment. On our journey to Darby River, we knew we were on the home stretch and pushed out the last 2kms in record time.

Day four of our camp included more surfing time, where most students were finally able to conquer the difficult task of standing up and riding that risky wave. Soon afterwards it was time to pack up and say goodbye to the place we had known for the past four days, and begin our long journey home.

We would like to thank all of the teachers and helpers for planning and taking us on this unbelievable, and remarkable Outdoor Adventure, (even though they made us do an assessment task!!)


Emily Turnbull (10 Aherne), Felicity White (10 Riley) and Chelsea Dillon (10 Jones)