Year 7 Camp: Camp Howqua

in Senior School News

When I arrived at Camp Howqua it was nothing like I excepted. I thought the cabins would be wood with carved oak walls and trees would be all through the whole camp, if you know what I mean. But no, most of buildings were brick and the trees only on the outskirts of the camp. When the buses drove into the camp and I saw the whole estate, this rush of excitement went through my body and into my spine and throughout my mind. When they were reading out the cabin groups, I was nervous that I would get into a cabin with people I didn’t know. Thankfully that did not happen. (Glad I handed in my cabin list)

The food was amazing. Each day there would be something different for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There was even supper! The best meal for me was one of the lunches. It consisted of a wrap with a salad on top using vegetables of our own choice that the camp had provided. Mine had too much salad so I had to eat a little of it, to fold the wrap up. I’m not sure if they had it last year or if they will have it the next, but let me tell you, it was good.

The activities were the best, I must say. Some of them had sounded boring because of other people saying they were for them. But I’m pretty sure my whole activity group had fun with all of them, even the discgolf. My top three activities were, the wedginator (aka the water slide), flying fox and horse riding. There was also archery, high ropes, low ropes, survivor challenge, raft building and many others that I do not remember. Overall this camp was one where we could test our limits and most of all, have fun.


By Morgan Castle, 7 Riley.