Year 8 Camp

in Senior School News

The Year 8 Camp was both interesting and challenging. Many of the students had never been camping before so it was interesting to see how they responded to the challenges that come with camping.

The first night was disappointing to some but a relief to others. Up for an early start and beside ourselves with excitement and chatter we headed off to Falls Creek. Not a lot happened between morning and evening except for the fact that we had been snowed out of Falls Creek. This made it impossible for us to safely camp on top of the mountain range. Instead we camped in the Mount Beauty caravan park that was at the very bottom of where we should have been. Along the side of a river we stayed for two nights, which was okay because we weren’t stuck in snow, and the view of the mountain range across the ice-cold creek was amazing. When the snow had cleared, we were finally able to wind our way up to the peak of the mountain range. From there, each group made its departure and set off for their own separate campsites.

During the day, most groups chose (or were made to) go for a day walk. That took the entire day. Making meals was…fun…seeing that it was mainly two-minute noodles or tick tocks that we had!

Overall the whole camping experience was a blast! The staff did a terrific job of everything that needed to be done, which included kicking forgotten gas bottles out of range from a burning Trangia, repeatedly telling us not to pick up the dead snake, reassuring kids that they were not going to fall down the pit toilet and making sure that each individual child was feeling safe and happy to be there with the hope that they would take something away from it that they would treasure for life.

Rachael Hamilton (8Je)