Year 9 Urban Camp Reflection

in Senior School News

The Year Nine Urban Camp was an amazing experience and an eye-opener to city life. Whether you chose the creepy murder mystery tour, the stunning river cruise, or the interesting tour of the Richmond Football Club, there was something for everyone.

The food at the hostel was extremely delicious.  The Japanese and French dinners were more than a pleasant change.  Here, they served traditional foods and it was amazing to experience the different delicacies and cultures.

It was great to see Melbourne in a more detailed way over the week, whether that was running around the city doing team challenges, having tours of the city’s street art and stories, relaxing making your own street art and blender or getting funnier at the Class Clowns workshop.

The inter faith day was an incredible experience and we learnt a whole heap about the religions of other people. During the Math Trail I thought I was on the hiking camp.  We traveled up to 22kms to various places, mostly on foot.  It was the equivalent to a day in the mountains!

The urban camp was one to remember and was filled with many fun adventures.


Asher Butcher (9Je) and Timothy Johnston (9Je)