Object Poems

in Senior School News

These wonderful little, luminescent, Japanese-inspired poems were written in our first English classes this year, by students of Year 9H.
This work shows their sensitivity, their powers of observation, their serious application to and enjoyment of the task, and … their talent!

See what you think!

Mrs Alisoun Downing
English, Literature and English Language Teacher








Desert plant;
Sap green, flower like leaves.

No leaf is the same.
No cuts, nor indentations.

Large as a pinky,
small as a thumbnail.

Not fully grown.
Fits into palm of an adultescent.

Edges are spiky.
Not harmful to humans,
bugs are another story.

Audrey Sheen (9Jo)


Green Small Leaf


eighteen holes, different shapes.

Chicken nuggets? Peanut with a hat? Duck with a dog’s head?

Flappy bits along the sides. Smooth, soft,

smelling of citrus.

Green. Small. Leaf

Hayden Smith (9A)