Year Five Camp

in Junior School News

On Thursday the 11th of October the Year Five students of Girton Grammar went to Sovereign Hill to learn about the Eureka Stockade and to have fun as part of the Year Five camp.

One of the things I really enjoyed was actually just strolling up and down some of the main streets and the lolly shops. Yes, there was more than one lolly shop. When we went into the lolly shop it smelled amazing. They even gave you a sample and it was really good. When you were walking down the main street you could hear and see the horses and carriage going up and down the road. You could hear the industrial blacksmith hammering away making horse shoes.

Another one of the things we did was watching the Gold Pour. It was fascinating how in the old days they had to get the mercury out of the gold and how if you breathed it in you would go insane. Also your teeth would fall out and you would die early. They would make a special machine that would take the mercury out of the gold. Then it would be better. Gold would melt at 1600 degrees. He put it in a mould and put it into water and you would hear it hiss. Then he took it out and it was a bar of gold.

After that we went to the pantomime. I loved the pantomime. The actors got you off your feet and you just felt like you were in the act. The actors were funny and a bit weird. But there were heaps of loud moments. Even Bronte got called up to the front of the stage to help out with the play. She got a high five. The story was about the Eureka Stockade.

I really enjoyed Sovereign Hill. It was my favourite part of the Year Five camp. I enjoyed learning about the Eureka Stockade and being with my friends.

Zoe Holland (5 Jenkin)

For me, camp at Narmbool was fun. I enjoyed the critter hunt, sleeping in a cabin with friends, looking at the insects in the dams and the hike.

I liked the critter hunt because it was challenging to work together and find them in the dam. It was nice to see the landscape. I did not really know the people in my group so I learned more about them.

The insects in the dam were cool. I never knew that there were animals in dams, so it was interesting to see so many. We got to learn about water tolerance and that being very tolerant was bad because it showed the water quality wasn’t good.

The hike was awesome because I learned a lot and saw some bones. the games were fun and to know that indigenous people played them was fascinating. I liked swapping houses for the day.

I liked it all but those were my favourites.

Lachlan Tune (5 Jenkin)